Man Up and Blitz Blitz Blitz

Mike In ValdostaCorrespondent INovember 6, 2009
The Georgia Bulldogs must have a man assigned to Tim Tebow every play. We are going to have to play 11 on 11. Tebow must be accounted for on every play. He must be hit, and hit hard, on every play.

Willie Martinez would be smart to take a page out of Mark Fox’s defensive play book. Play them man up, treat Tebow like a point guard and punish him every time he tries to penetrate.

I suggest assigning Bryan Evans to Tebow. Bring Evans up to the line of scrimmage and bring him every down. First of all, this will go a long ways towards ensuring his man does not get behind him. Secondly, Evans is fast enough and physical enough to handle Tebow.  Bringing him off Tebow’s blind edge could result in some nice shots on Timothy.

Outside of Tebow’s running, Florida’s most reliable weapons are Hernandez at tight end and Cooper at wide-out. Demps and Rainey are the most dangerous Gators and they line up primarily in the backfield. This is a problem for everybody that plays the Gators.

We do not want linebackers covering Rainey and Demps for any length of time. We have to get pressure on Tebow. That means bringing more men than they have blockers.

Play-action and boot-leg has given us fits all year. So let’s scrap the read and react. Assign every Dawg a Gator and have them go whip their man. If your only job is to whip your man, the mis-direction should be mitigated.

I attempted to time Tebow’s release, but the batteries in my stop watch kept dying before he could get ride of the ball. If we commit ourselves to bringing the heat, the sell-out blitz, we will get there. Willie cannot coach this thing conservative, there can be no playing it safe.

I can think of no better way to get after the Gators than having Evans lay the wood to Tebow on every play. Let’s use Evans’ aggressiveness to our advantage and stop having it used against us.