Not Just a River in Egypt

Mike In ValdostaCorrespondent INovember 6, 2009
I am in a state of denial. I cannot bring myself to express how disappointed I am in the Georgia Bulldogs football program.

Losing I can handle. Being the best everyday out is a rare feat few have ever enjoyed. The best team doesn’t always win, fluke things happen, a player has the game of their life, whatever. Sometimes you just get beat and you have to tip your cap to your opponent and get ‘em next time.

The way we are losing is really getting to me. The debacle that was Stillwater has become our identity.

We are a mess, and we are a mess in important places. I am trying to be positive and I will not single any of our kids out. For the life of me, I cannot recall a game this year where we looked like the better coached team. Can you? Can you name one game where our guys we better coached than their guys?

Outside of quarterback, our talent stacks up with most anybody. We have had a talent edge in most games we played this year. Okie State may have had us a quarterback. Florida’s defense is stacked. But what does that have to do with preparation?

Were we the better coached team in Nashville? Fayetville? Did we out coach Erickson and his crew?

I swear the defense we watched in the first quarter is the same defense we had watched the first quarter of seven prior games. A soft zone that just gives you ten yards if your qb is capable of throwing it that far without having it batted in his face. We haven’t faced many of those this year, have we?

Where am I wrong? Which game were we the better prepared team for? Which game was coaching a push?

Mark Richt is swimming in denial. Mark Richt needs to undergo that evaluation we have all faced or will face. The times are changing and we have to adapt. We have to be proactive (if it is not too late) and find new and better ways. “Well, that’s the way we have always done it” is not translating into wins in Athens or Tallahassee.

Evolve or parish perish.