Is The WWE Ready For an Under 18 Superstar?

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor INovember 7, 2009

Well, its been a while I haven't done an article here on bleacher in about a month and its time for another one but its not one of my classic team logo blogs this time. What am I blogging about? the WWE and its characters that they have on its shows such as Raw, Smackdown and ECW (its not the same ECW, the old ECW never had people being disqualified in matches). All of the WWE shows have had some very interesting characters, male and female ranging from Hornswaggle who is less than 4 feet tall to Marvelous Moolah winning the WWF womens title in her 70s in the late 1990's but what about a character or superstar that is a teen or tween? A weekly character that is say a manager or does commentary but is still young, I'm not saying in the ring in a match but maybe in the ring to hit someone with a chair and then run out like others have done, why not someone who is always on camera and truly impacting the show? It may just be a crazy pipe dream of mine as I am 16 and always say myself one day getting a call from Vince to be on monday night raw but could this be a possibility or is wrestling too mature and too demanding to have a character that is a minor?

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