Euro '08: For the Benefit of Mr. Kuyt—What a Show Last Night!

Matt BinksCorrespondent IJune 10, 2008

Liverpool strikers have nowhere to hide. The constant reminders of King Kenny Dalglish, Kevin Keegan, Ian Rush, and Robbie Fowler hang over the heads of Liverpool's front men.

Fernando Torres has proven his worth with his goals and is the darling of the media. Dirk Kuyt has not had it this easy, but I don't know one Liverpool fan who can have a bad word against him.

Dirk Kuyt is the epitome of heart. He will give his absolute all for Liverpool and gains nothing but phrases like "ineffective", "toothless", and " disappointing" from the media. Lets just hope his performance against Italy last night will right some undoubted wrongs.

Kuyt last night was simply fantastic. His energy, his use of the ball, and work rate were unbelievable. He tracked back for nearly 90 minutes, helping out his fullbacks and never stopped running.

Holland's first and third goals were also perfect examples of what Kuyt brings to a team. For the first goal, his unwillingness to give up a lost cause forced Gianluigi Buffon into a mistake from which Holland capitalised and scored.

For the third, he got himself into a good position and instead of letting his head drop when his missing his chance, chased the ball and showed enough composure and vision to pick out Ed Van Bronkhurst.

Kuyt's work rate has never been questioned by his teammates. Fernando Torres lauds Kuyt's effort for the amount of space and time it awards him. Kuyt simply does the work of two or three men.

Marco Van Basten, one of the greatest strikers of all time, is also quick to point out the benefits of Kuyt.

Dirk Kuyt may not be the greatest goalscorer in the world. But simply put, he is a goalscorer's dream, the perfect foil for any striker.