The Alex Anthopoulos State of the Franchise Conference Call

Ian HunterCorrespondent INovember 7, 2009

  • AA feels like Toronto has the potential in the coming years to compete along with teams like the Angels, Red Sox, and other top market teams.
  • He wants to continue to build the core of this team, and will continue to make changes to the scouting and support staff.
  • When asked about trading Roy Halladay, AA said he was reluctant about trading Doc, but gave the typical J.P. Ricciardi statement "he has to be open-minded about a trade making this team better in the long term". In the type of tone that Anthopolous spoke of, it sounds like Halladay will be around in 2010 and if the Blue Jays can remain competitive next year then he could re-sign.
  • Alex is NOT actively shopping any of his players, but he is pursuing alternatives to upgrading certain positions.
  • He doesn't believe in adding three or four free agents in any given year.
  • Aaron Hill will not be moved from second base to cover shortstop. Adam Lind will not fill in at first base, unless they need him to move somewhere else (like the rumoured trade involving Curtis Snyder and Lyle Overbay)
  • Anthopoulos doesn't consider this a "rebuilding phase" but more of a "building phase".