The Greatest Birthday Ever? Five Sports Stars Born on Nov. 7

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The Greatest Birthday Ever? Five Sports Stars Born on Nov. 7

Seven deadly sins; seven wonders of the ancient world; seven days in the week; John Elway and Mickey Mantle both wore the number seven.

Seven is a good number.

November features Thanksgiving, Guy Fawkes Day and Veteran's Day.

November is good too.

Put November and seven together and you get awesome.

And because I'm an unbearable narcissist who, like T.O., loves me some me, I thought it would a wonderful exercise in self-indulgence to explore which famous athletes were born on this day, November the 7th.

Turns out, there aren't many. And some of them only straddle a very thin definition of famous, as in "You remember that guy that used to do that stuff? Yeah, me neither."

The one huge sports related event that I remember vividly happened on my tenth birthday. Magic Johnson announced the world that he had HIV and was effectively retiring from the NBA. That was a crappy birthday.

But this isn't a somber article, it's a celebratory one, damn it.

Here's a short list of some of my greatest athletic feats to kick things off:

- Bowling a strike while holding a full pint glass of beer and not spilling a single drop

- Scoring a touchdown in a pickup football game with the back pocket of my shorts torn off, exposing my colorful boxers for the majority of the game

- Coming in at a very drunken second in a foot race against three sober friends who I outweigh by at least 30 pounds each

Pathetic, I know. Thus, I feel obliged to offer up five men in the world of sports who have done a little more than I have.

Happy birthday, gentleman; may you be blessed with birthday goblets overflowing with some sort of happy juice. Unless it's boxed wine. Let's keep it classy.

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