Mailbag Question:

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Mailbag Question:
Hey Guys,

With Gallon on the committed list now are we done with slot receivers now and how will all these guys be used. We have gotten many guys that can play the slot receiver the last two years. Will some of these guys be able to play other positions such as a quick running back or possible even a H-Back or outside wide receiver?

Our Special Team's should have a lot more athletes and have a lot more speed as well. Who out if these last two-year recruiting classes will be the best at returning punts and kick off return team?

Thanks .. Jim
I would guess that if top-notch slot type players become available Coach Rod and staff would take them. Coach Rod has stated that we would like to have 6 to 8 slot type athletes on the roster. I could easily see at least two players, M. Shaw and F. Toussaint playing Running Back. They have skill set that allows them to play either position.

From film available, they seem to be great fit at Running Back. In addition, T. Jones could play Running Back or even Split End. That leaves T. Robinson, M. Odoms, and J. Gallon as the only sure thing slot athletes on the roster.

In addition, yes, with all these athletes with superior in space skill sets our special teams, return game should be much improved. Coach Rod's philosophy has always been the same, get, as many high quality, high skilled skill position players as possible, and positions will take care of themselves.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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