Mailbag Question:

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Mailbag Question:
Hey Guys,

Seems like the boards exploded yesterday with Forcier in town. Why would Michigan risk losing Newsome or Beaver to bring in Forcier? It seems like Michigan is starting to play with fire and hopefully it will not backfire.

Also isn’t three QB's in one class a little bit much especially since they all want to play QB? Along with the fact that we need to recruit QB's every year and Michigan has a couple of good ones instate next year? Won’t it be tough to bring in a kid from the '10 class if they bring in three guys along with Feagin last year. In addition, they have other guys that have played QB in high school like T-Rob, Gallon, B. Smith and I thought Odoms took some snaps as well.

I guess all this recruiting means is that Threet is not the right fit for the new coaching staff.
Thanks for the question Karen. I do not think Michigan would risk losing Newsome or Beaver. My guess is that Forcier showed up to help his own recruiting. Best way for any recruit/player to be noticed is show up at these combines and be evaluated. Look at the buzz generated by Forcier by simply showing up.

Three Quarterbacks recruits in one class do not make sense to us. With guys like Gallon who are capable of filling in at Quarterback if necessary. In our opinion, Michigan has more pressing needs to fill than third Quarterback does with Threet still having three more years’ eligibility and Feagin also in class of 2008.

After watching Michigan this spring, we came away believing Threet, being a good young man with some very good skills. Just not right for what Michigan under Coach Rod is trying to accomplish. Have seen nothing to change that opinion and that includes what is going on in the recruiting front.Threet could be the best Quarterback that Michigan could have for the next three years, but he might not get a chance because he does not fit what Coach Rod wants to do here. We wonder how short his leash will be come next year let alone we will get a good feel this year when Feagin comes in this fall. If Feagin plays a lot that tells us that the WV offense you saw the past couple of years will become to Ann Arbor.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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