Euro 2008 Preview: Group D

A KCorrespondent IJune 9, 2008

Group D kicks off today, and will feature one of the tournament favorites—Spain—alongside current title holders Greece, with Russia and Sweden rounding out the group.


Players To Watch


Fernando Torres and David Villa: This striking duo will make or break Spain. They will either combine to create the leading goal-scoring tandem in the tournament, or bear the responsibility for another Spanish flop.


I don't feel that there is anyone who stands out on Greece. More so than any other team, they are successful when they work as a unit, and rely on a team effort rather than individual stars.


Zlaten Ibrahimovic: Always dangerous, always brilliant. He had a great season at Inter this year, and was one of the key reasons why they repeated as Serie A Champions.


Andrei Arshavin: Although he is suspended until the last group match, he is one of, if not the only, offensive force on the Russian squad. His role will be vital for Russia's chances of claiming the second spot in this group, as it may come down to the last match.


Spain is expected to walk away with full marks and all nine points in Group D. Second spot, like all other second spots in this tournament, is up for grabs. If Russia are still in it come their third match, expect them to advance. If not, expect Sweden to advance with Spain.

Sorry Greece fans—no miracles are on the cards in this tournament.