Ken Griffey Hits 600: Hats Off to the Man With the Sweetest Swing in Baseball

Patrick KingContributor IJune 9, 2008

This article isn't going to be that long; it's just a tribute to one of the greatest baseball players of my time.

Ken Griffey Jr. was truly the reason for me to start watching baseball. He was the player I wanted to be when I was in my back yard, swinging for the fence.

With baseball having so many problems with steroids and attitudes, Griffey is one of the few left in baseball we can believe when he says he loves and respects the game, and would never cheat it.

Not leaving out that he has had the sweetest swing I have ever seen.

Hopefully there is still a couple years left in the tank, but when he is ready to hang up those cleats he will have another place to go, and that's straight to the Hall Of Fame.

Congratulations on home run No. 600!