Adios, Cedric Benson: The Release of the Former First-Rounder

Mike MontgomeryContributor IJune 9, 2008

I am mixing my Bears and White Sox terminology because I just so happened to learn about the departure of Benson while watching the Sox game this afternoon. In all honestly, the last emotion that came to mind was upset.

Let's look at Benson's last month or so:

The man gets arrested for boating while intoxicated. Boating while intoxicated. How bad of a driver do you have to be that people can tell you are drunk while driving a boat? It's not like you have to stay between the lines!

Five weeks later, he gets arrested for DWI after running a red light. I know it's not exactly the natural progression of things, but what could be next? Is Benson going to show up to training camp and jump offsides repeatedly because he's had too many cocktails?

Jerry Angelo is a no-nonsense GM. He wasn’t going to tolerate these kinds of repeated offenses. His is a classy organization, not a bunch of troublemakers.  At this point, Benson would be lucky to get a one-year contract offer from the Bengals.

His repeated screw-ups and lack of production has made the former first-round pick an utter disappointment. The man needs to seriously think about his priorities and what he plans on doing with his career, because, as we have clearly seen, it won't be spent with the Bears.

I, for one, am happier for that fact. Bring on Matt Forte.