Morning Ramble - 11/6

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent INovember 6, 2009

Now that the Yankees have finally won their damm World Series, and who didn’t see that one coming? (I love how all the news outlets are saying “Their first since all the way back in 2000″), we can finally get to some fun rumors and player movement.

I haven’t updated the MR because I’m at a conference in Minneapolis. BUT I heard a rumor here and I had to post it, so here it is: J.J. Hardy to the Twins for Glen Perkins if the O-Dawg doesn’t re-sign. I checked it out and ESPN and MSN rumors have it as well.

Also, the Brewers are waiting to see if Felipe is a Type-A or Type-B free agent before they re-sign him. If they do end up wanting to re-sign him, it will be interesting to see if he takes it knowing Rickie will have the starting role in spring.It will also be interesting, because a trade involving Rickie suddenly is on the table. However, the Brewers will probably want him in a Craig Counsell-like role and I still believe he will be very expensive for that.


ahoo Sports noted that Washburn might be headed back to Seattle anyway. and Jon Garland’s option was declined by LA and I hope the Brewers take an extended look at him.

Finally, Tim Lincecum’s weird hair finally makes sense.