Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Rick Hendrick: NASCAR'S Dynamic Duo?

Tony HulfeldCorrespondent IJune 9, 2008

Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans, Jeff Gordon fans. The one combination that seemed impossible in the NASCAR world. The thing that all of us fans didn't realize is that for Dale Jr. it didn't seem impossible at all.

But why would Dale Jr. choose Hendrick Motorsports when he could have gone to any team available?

Well, there are quite a few reasons:

The first, of course, being that Hendrick Motorsports finished one, two in the championship standings in 2007, and clearly led all teams in performance. That about covers the performance angle, considering his last few months with his late father's team seemed to be filled with sour engines, blown tires, and bad performance.

One reason, that a lot of people may not realize, is how much they have in common. When first asked about what kind of team he would want to go to he simply said, "I want someone who will wrap their arm around me, whether it's been a good or bad day and say, you did a good job".

Apparently he found that missing "father figure" in the legendary team owner Rick Hendrick.

Another reason that they form such a great pair is that they were both searching. Dale Jr. was searching for a father figure to make proud and to gain the support of. While Rick Hendrick was searching for someone to support, after the loss of his son Ricky. Also, to make someone successful in the tiring sport of NASCAR.

Are they truly the "Dynamic Duo"?

With the opening two wins in Daytona, but no points paying victories, we will have to see if NASCAR's "Dynamic Duo" will truly begin to stand out in the remaining 2008 season and the seasons to come.