Panthers- Saints Big "Game On The Line "

Nikolai ClaryContributor INovember 5, 2009

The Carolina Panthers ride in into what is know as New Orleans. One of the Most loudest Domes in the NFL. What makes it even tougher the Saints are 7-0 and Looking for their 8th win, but that's going to be a challenge with Carolina coming to town a team who has been struggling but has made a so far a " Remorsefully" turn around in their last couple of games. Carolina has some big problems, 1. Fullbacks are hurt.2. Passing game needs to be big. 3. Defence is stepping it up a notch. So this game is Critical for both teams. So Carolina will need to go into New Orleans and play big, while New Orleans needs to continue what has been an impressive start to the season so far. The Experts have picked out of 6 4/6 New Orleans will win , But i have a different opinion. If Carolina Plays Like They have been they will win big. Carolina Will need to solve their issues for now as New Orleans get ready for the Cardiac Cats to come into town. This game is going to be fierce, Heart pounding, Critical. So this game is the best game of the week so go PANTHERS!.