This Was The Toughest Loss Of The Season For The Yankees

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst IJune 9, 2008

Mike Mussina was going for his 10th win and made one mistake in eight innings: a hanging a slider to recent Yankee, Killer Jose Guillen.

Guillen deposited it into the seats for a two-run home run.  Moose gave the Yankees an efficient start and turned it over to the best reliever in baseball this season, Mariano Rivera who served up his second home run in three games. 

If you are going to get beat, you should get beat with your best and Rivera is the Yankees' best.

The only offense was a two-run home run by Alex Rodriguez.  To end the game the Yankees stranded the bases loaded.  This was just terrible and was the second time in four games against the ROYALS that they ruined an eight inning, two ER start by guys Darrell Rasner and Mike Mussina.

I usually don't bash my Yankees, because I genuinely love them, but the games Friday and today were just very tough to lose.  Everyone questioned Mike Mussina, and if you look at my other articles, I said that the Moose is the key to the Yankees success. Was I right?

Of course.  He has picked up the slack that Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy had left behind when they visited the disabled list. 

The Royals salvaged a split for the four game series and now the Yankees are back again at .500 at 32-32. 

I am not panicking though, because the Yankees have the A's, Astros, and Padres coming up, who are all very beatable teams.  They just need to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later because the American League is still wide open.

The Yankees are still, as people say, "treading water" until Joba is off of his pitch count and hopefully can become what everyone in the tri-state area hopes, to become and ace with "Beckett-esque" clutchness.

Even so, Mussina and Rasner will hopefully be able to pitch well and Wang and Pettite can get back on track, which will hopefully lead to the Yankees making the playoffs