Clueless Owner Just A Slow 'Lerner' In Cleveland

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Clueless Owner Just A Slow 'Lerner' In Cleveland
Mark Thompson/Getty Images
I figured out right away the plot to “Sleepless in Seattle," but I have yet to make sense of its sequel. 

Has anybody heard of it? 

They're calling it “Clueless in Cleveland.”
The storyline is simple: The son of a billionaire banker inherits an NFL and its legacy after his father’s death. The son, averse to the spotlight, plays the part of the inattentive patriarch, a man of leisure inclined to put his franchise into somebody else’s hands to run.
But each person the son picked to run it proved incompetent, dragging the team to the bottom of the NFL and squandering the goodwill its loyal fans had for a storied franchise. Personnel mistakes, front-office discord, injuries to marquee players and in-fighting left what the son inherited from his father in disrepair.
The son vowed he would make credible changes. He would hire a football man with unassailable credentials, would oversee his work in a more structured way and would turn a god-awful team into a championship contender.

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