Oregon Attempts To Can Wrestling Team

Bryan L.Contributor IJune 9, 2008

Move over University of Oregon wrestlers, here comes the new Oregon Ducks baseball team. Not so fast.

When the Oregon wrestling team heard the school was dropping their sport to add baseball, they filed a lawsuit. The team claims the University violated state law.

While the team waits for a hearing to be scheduled, there remains one question, "Why can't the school have both?"

The University of Oregon is the proud alma mater of Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike. Knight has donated millions and millions of dollars to the school, including a $100 million dollar donation to help build a new basketball arena.

It is understandable that any collegiate sport demands a lot of money from a university. However, it is already known that Knight has donated money for academics as well as athletics.

Why should the school get rid of one sport to give way to another when they could just have both? It doesn't make sense when certain alumnus are eager to donate.