John Cena vs John Layfield AKA JBL FIRST BLOOD MATCH

AllanContributor IJune 9, 2008

This match was a first blood match at the beginning of the match JBL managed to get some quick hits on Cena, but Cena managed to get the upper hand by smashing JBL's face into the announcer table. Ater that JBL managed to recover and land some fierce blows on Cena, the rest of the match included Cena getting his face smashed into the barricade 2 times by JBL, but even though JBL almost smashed Cena in the head with a steel chair and hit Cena on the head with a microphone Cena managed to make a comeback by throwing JBL to the ground 3 times. Even though Cena badly injured JBL no blood appeared even after Cena throw JBL on the ground resulting in him hitting his face right on a steel chair, but after all those hits JBL managed to tie Cena on the ropes and attempted to whip him with a bull whip, but at the last second Cena untangled himself from the ropes and wrapped a metal chain that JBL had previously used to strike Cena in the ribs around JBL’s neck which caused JBL to bleed from his mouth making John Cena the winner