GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!: Cedric, what the hell were you thinking?

Crawford HamiltonContributor IJune 9, 2008

The Chicago Bears offense took another major hit today when “star” running back Cedric Benson was released following a second DWI arrest in the last month and a half. Unlike his performance since being drafted, Benson has shown that he is a double threat with the bottle on land and sea. Coming off his first season as the clear cut starter; Benson clearly had a lot of work to do after posting a dismal 3.4 ypg average with 674 yards in only 11 games. Hitting the bottle like a cheerleader on the Vikings party boat does not look good in the public light, especially in Chicago. For all the faith that Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo put in him, he truly proved that he has been nearly a total bust, on and off the field. Somewhere in the greater Chicago area Angelo is hitting himself for trading Thomas Jones. However there is belief that 2008 2ndround draft pick Matt Forte will be able to step in and get the job done, which has made Benson all the more expendable. This still leaves the Bears without a proven starter as we get closer and closer to training camp. Hopefully the Bears will go after one of the better available backs left in free agency, especially one without off the field character issues (puff Travis Henry cough) This is once again a prime example of how professional athletes have to watch their behavior that much more than the average Joe, so please guys, just call a damn cab. As for Benson, good luck finding your next job, maybe hauling 12 packs of Steel Reserve up the middle (he won’t fumble) For the meantime- GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE