It Seems To Be a Semi-Rebuilding Year For The Monsters Of The Midway

Patrick KingContributor IJune 9, 2008

Who would of imagined two years removed from the Superbowl that the Chicago bears would be in the position they are before the start of 08 season.The bears woes continue this off season from losing in the free agency to losing the possibly of being a contender in the NFC.

    The bears this off season have big issues already to address from who is the starting QB, how do they fill the voids in the Swiss cheese style offensive line, who is going to be the number 1 WR, and now whose going to be the backfield hopeful.With Benson not producing much last year and Peterson being just a good back-up, there was already a lot of questions. Now with the relase of the starter Benson the bears have a backfield that consists of just a good back-up in Peterson, a 2nd year back in Wolfe ,that didn't have that good of a rookie year, and the new rookie in Forte that not many have faith in.Benson  may have done the bears a favor getting himself cut. The bears fan nation was not benson's biggest fan.

    Bears fan shouldn't give up all hope. The is a slim possibility that the bears could get some veteran help in the backfield if they want. On the free agency market there are two descent veteran backs, Shawn Alexander(the former MVP from the Seahawks) or Kevin Jones from the Detroit lions. Either of this backs would boost the backfield and help with Wolfe's and Forte's development.