Ken Griffey, Jr.'s Beautiful Swing Finally Comes Through

matt carpenterCorrespondent IJune 9, 2008

As the Reds are finishing there series in Florida, Ken Griffey Jr. was in the batter's box. He worked the count to 3-0 before he jacked one out of the field of play, that home run made him the sixth player in MLB history to hit 600 homers.

After he hit it, he was called out for a curtain call. The same thing happened when he hit his 500th homer in St. Louis.

Just think about where he would be at if he stayed healthy for all these years,we would probably be talking about him hitting around 800 for his career.

Everyone knew that ball was going to be out of the park as soon as he made contact. Now that he has it out of his way, he's going to hit them like crazy.