College Football Preseason Polls—Why So Much Hype?

Drew ThurmanCorrespondent IJune 9, 2008

Drew Thurman (6:13 pm)

I have noticed an alarming trend among Buckeye fans over the last several months. This problem finds its roots at the importance placed on preseason polls. Hit up the boards and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Almost any forum on any Buckeye website has had fans complaining about the fact that the Buckeyes are not preseason number one. It goes deeper than that though.

I have also seen a growing number of Buckeye talking about who we might play in the National Championship Game. I keep asking myself, "Are we crazy?" Did anyone else watch the Illinois game last year? The Buckeyes are not invincible! Besides USC, the Buckeyes have two very difficult games at Wisconsin and Illinois. All of this is even assuming the Buckeyes do not have a hiccup against someone else. Oh, did I mention USC in week three?

I am not trying to be a pessimist, but I think we are putting too much pressure on this team. I am not saying not to expect excellence or even hope for it, but I think our focus is blurred based off our dominance the last few years. We have been very spoiled as fans, and to expect our team to walk through the Big Ten every year is pretty unrealistic.

So what am I rooting for? Well, I am pulling for a National Championship just like everyone. It starts in week one with Youngstown State though. It's time this team does not just assume its headed to the big game, and starts getting a chip on its shoulder. With the media beating down on the Buckeyes and the Big Ten, they need to come out and play with a vengeance. Who cares about preseason polls or hype! Who cares about who we might play in the National Championship Game! This team has a lot to prove before we talk about those things.