Dress Me Down in St. Louis

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Dress Me Down in St. Louis

We don’t do a lot of local stuff here at JSF. It’s mostly high quality stories about losers wearing personalized jerseys, mustaches, knuckleheads, Bacott’s underpants and how they apply to modern ice skating techniques, et al.

But today, in the spirit of JSF’s hometown of St. Louis, we offer some quality information about a local event and opportunity to meet me and tell me how stupid I am.

Our friends at Charter High-Speed® Internet (shameless plug) — who were kind enough to pimp the ‘Stache Bash free of charge — are hosting a one-day football contest and trivia tournament on Sunday, Nov. 8, from noon ’til 4 pm that will pit anyone who enters and attends against local media “celebrities” including The Morning After’s Tim McKernan, sportscaster Frank Cusumano, radio dudes Dave Glover, Bo Matthews, and Jamie Allman, as well as others like Joe Buck’s dope looking sister.

So here’s how it works: go enter your picks at Charter.upickem.net, and even if you don’t show up at the event you get a chance to win a relatively sweet Logitech Webcam. But then, if you are local, you come to the Fox & The Hound in Chesterfield (just west of St. Louis) on Sunday where you can win some Rams memorabilia, a firm handshake from me, and other stuff from Charter.

Charter will be setting up multiple computers to keep you up to the minute on your pathetic fantasy team and player standings and here’s the “nice” part — Charter will donate $1,000 in honor of the best celebrity picker.

For information, e-mail me at abe@joesportsfan.com or call 877-STACHE-1.

Carry on.

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