Men & Football: Why Women Need To Understand

Viresh PatelContributor INovember 5, 2009

Men & Football.  Football & Men.  Some things in life just make perfect sense without any sort of explanation.  Men & Football just makes men that is.  Women don't necessarily understand the bond that brings us together.  It's our past time, our time to get away and connect emotionally with the team we route on so intensely, the sport we understand so greatly.  All men wish the women in their lives understood why we take this game so serious.  Why a meaningless dropped pass on 1st down in the 1st quarter is so meaningful to us?  Why those silly pre-snap penalties drive us absolutely insane? The answer...we don't know, we just know. 


Men don't question why women have the need for a chocolate brownie topped with ice cream covered in chocolate sauce after dinner.  And even though most women are full after dinner, the desert is an absolute must, is it not?  Then on the drive home, do we not patiently listen as you complaint about your love handles, or how you feel bloated, or how you need to start working out?  I wonder what makes you feel that way.  But do we not love you anyway, we do. The point is, there isn't an explanation for everything, some things are just how they are. 


Many women wonder why men become so emotional about something they believe is just a game.  Just a game?  It's so much more.  Allow me to make sense of this to you.  Try and recall when Allie and Noah met again after a long absence in the movie “The Notebook.”  She was furious he never even wrote, how could he do that to her.  She loved him dearly, she believed they had an unbreakable bond and when they were forced apart he never even wrote her.  Then he explained how he wrote her every single day for one year without a response.  Can you imagine writing the person you love every single day and not have one response in return.  That is truly heartbreaking.  In this moment Allie realized how her mother must have hid all those letters from her, and Noah never stopped loving her.  Then they came together drenched under the rain for an epic movie kiss.   Freeze that thought in your head, do you recall watching that moment feeling emotionally spent.  The tears coming from your eyes, you knew it was just a movie, it's not real...yet, you were overcome with joy.  This is how we feel with football, that same feeling.  That's how men feel when the quarterback of their team leads a 2 minute drill to perfection to win the game.  


Football is our chick flick.  There is a plot, there is always a twist.  There is the lead character, there is the lead villain.  Bare with us, as in our chick flick does not always have a happy ending every week.  There are weeks we are absolutely emotionally drained.  In your chick flick, there are moments of joy when a punchline is delivered flawlessly.  In our chick flick, we momentarily rejoice when a stop and go route is ran to perfection.  Or in your chick flick, when your couple is placed in a romantic setting and you think to yourself how beautiful it would be to be where they are.  That's the same feeling we have when the opposing running back coughs up the balls on a 3rd and goal.  There are moments of sadness when certain events keep your so called perfect couple from ending up together.  We understand that when our quarterback throws a crucial pick six in the 4th quarter.  


We knows these players like you know those actors.  You know the gossip column, when some actor gets arrested for a DUI and you think to yourself why would he do that?  We understand because we all dream of playing professional football, and we have no idea why someone who gets paid millions of dollars to play the game we love so much just got arrested for selling drugs.  I can't explain why it's so amazing to watch your team get a victory and quickly turn the channel to Sporscenter just to watch highlights from the same game you just watched.  Or to listen to analysts talk about your team.  Or why we can watch Sportscenter from dusk til dawn, know exactly what's about to happen and still continue to watch.  Football is instilled into our blood, it is a part of who we are as men.  I judge other men based on their knowledge of football.  I truly believe men who don't watch football are a waste of penises.  It's actually unhuman when a man doesn't watch football.  So for those rare women out there who think you are so lucky that your man does not watch football, you are actually not lucky at all.  You're a lesbian, congratulations.


So this Sunday, before you tell your husband, boyfriend, or that special man in your life to take out the trash, pick up the laundry, do the dishes, or ask him to listen to you go on about absolutely nothing, try and realize that it's Sunday, and that means football.  We will always love you with all of our hearts, but football is a different type of love we have, a love we deserve.  And besides, it's once a week, and the season is 17 weeks long.  It's not that long, pregnancy is 40 weeks if we're comparing.  

So guys, introduce your ladies to this article to help them understand the things we go through.  And ladies, remember...this is football, just football.  We have not even begun discussing Fantasy Football!