Dale and Tony - Is it time for the Juniors to split up?

Ken CampbellContributor IJune 9, 2008

Most of the "experts" from the racing world admits that, just as it is in other sports such as football and baseball, it takes a team effort to bring home a win. If this is true (and I do believe it is) then it's time for a change on Dale, Jr's team. Where should that change be? Well Tony, Jr of course. There have so many times that the race was in Dale's grasp and it got away because of pit strategy. I realize they are cousins, but most of the time it's not good business for relatives to work together. The Dale, Jr nation (fans such as myself) would like to see some wins for the #88 team. So Jr (Dale) try a new crew chief and shake up the team, you've got what it takes to win with the right person leading the pit crew.