Were NASCAR Officials Out to Lunch or Napping at Pocono?

Jeremy TurnerSenior Analyst IJune 9, 2008

Juan Pablo Montoya wrecks down the front stretch at Pocono. His car bursts into flames as he pulls off the track in front of the officials. With timely response, the NASCAR officials grab fire extinguishers...and....watch....and watch....and watch....until finally the fire crew comes to put out the fire. Meanwhile, colorful commentating by Wally Dallenbach and Kyle Petty "praised" the officials for their timely and quick response.

Come on...I have seen more alert clowns at a bull riding contest than what I saw Sunday. Juan Pablo Montoya pulls off the track, his car on fire, and manages to scramble out of the car in case something unfortunate happens. Meanwhile, where are those wonderful and timely NASCAR officials? In the background...staring.

Now, they were timely in getting the extinguishers, but then what do they do? Stand there. While Montoya runs away from the burning car, no one runs to meet him, make sure he is okay, help him get away...nothing.

What made it worse was NASCAR's "official" statement saying that those two men were there for Driver Safety. Alright...I could go with that...had I seen any concern for Montoya. But what did we see? Two men holding fire extinguishers standing around while a driver flees for his life.

Come on....they screwed up big time and on national TV. NASCAR can try all they want, but there is no way they are gonna be able to live down that embarrassment. If they were really there for driver safety, then why didn't they rush over and grab Montoya?

Just another example of the "wonderful, timely NASCAR safety crew"