Strahan Retires: A Name Synonymous with the New York Football Giants

Eric BrennerAnalyst IJune 9, 2008

With Michael Strahan's retirement announcement coming today, so does the end of a great era. For as long as I remember watching the Giants, Michael has been a part of the team, and for nearly every game.

He played his position and did his job in a professional manner, and his leadership qualities were incomparable. It has truly been an honor to have watched this man play for so many years.

His decision to go out on top is a very admirable one. We all know that Strahan could have played another year, maybe even two. He remains in top physical shape and even at his age, is faster and stronger than most offensive linemen in the NFL.

But all players know when their time has come, and clearly Michael has realized it. He contemplated retiring last year, but his desire to win led him to come back, only to win the one award left for him to win.

Last year was an amazing year for the Giants. It was a year filled with anxiety, anger, frustration excitement and great happiness. Michael was a large part of the success of that team, and no doubt his leadership and praise of Eli Manning after every game, good or bad, has helped him on his way to becoming a very good quarterback.

So a large thanks in in order for Michael Strahan, a man who bled true blue for many years and has left his mark on all of his fans as well as his teammates forever.