Top-10 Brothers in Sports: Yes, Serena and Venus Are Dudes

Greg RiotAnalyst INovember 4, 2009

I’m not talking about brothers in the way black people use the name—I’m talking actual siblings. These are the best sibling pairs in all of professional sports right now, with honorable mentions to get out of the way before we begin!

Champ and Boss Bailey
Champ is one of the best cornerbacks to play since Deion Sanders, while Boss was recently cut by the Denver Broncos and failed to sign with another team. What’s sad about this pair is not that they only got to play one season together on the same team…it’s that they never had a third brother. What was his name going to be? Chairman? Vice-President? King? Emperor? Optimus Prime? Lord of the Rings? Lion-O? Admiral? Illuminati? We’ll never know.

Julius and Thomas Jones
Both of the Jones brothers play running back for mid-card teams (Jets and Seahawks). Thomas was traded by the Bears after several productive seasons to the Jets where he became the AFC Rushing Champion in 2008. Julius lost all credibility as a starting back while trying to spit carries with Marion Barber in Dallas, before finding his way to Seattle.

Thomas is clearly the better of the two, which is proven in both his salary and the value the Jets have in him. Thomas has nearly double the yards and seven-times as many touchdowns. Of course, it doesn’t help that Julius has just one touchdown under his belt this year. Turns out the only way Julius gets noticed is by getting crazy ass mohawk haircuts .

#10b. - Byron and Brian Westbrook
As an undrafted rookie, Byron hasn’t had the time to cement his legacy like his big brother. Brian (30-years old) was a third round draft choice who has played his entire eight-year career in the city of Philadelphia. He’s known as one of the best gainers from scrimmage, and though he doesn’t have a Super Bowl title to his family name, Brian can certainly try to tie that notch in the twilight of his career in 2009, where the Eagles are pretty solid bets to challenge for the NFC.

It was a heart warming sight two weeks ago when older brother Brian was concussed on the field, and his younger brother was looking over his shoulder. At once, all of America thought the same thing: “How freaking lazy are Mr. and Mrs. Westbrook?!”

#10a. - Marion and Dominique Barber
Marion and ‘Nique are the sons of Marion Barber Jr. (who might be the son of Marion Barber Sr…he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page so I don’t know) who was also an NFL player. But Marion is a Pro Bowl worthy back who plays who’s known for his crazy power and awesome dreadlocks.

Dominique is in just his second year after being drafted in the 6thround , and rotates in and out of safety. The hard part here is giving Dominique a nick name. We call Marion “The Barbarian” because it fits. What do we call Dominique? “Obsolete”?

(noteThe Barbers and Westbrooks tied because the big brother is a proven NFL asset and the little brother is still spreading their wings)

#9 - Adrian and Mike Peterson
Mike Peterson is the brother of "the other Adrian Peterson", aka the backup running back for the Chicago Bears.  Big brother Mike has 47 tackles, one sack, one pick and two forced fumbles in 2009. Something tells me that if the 33-year old brother of Adrian got a crack at his younger brother in a Chicago-Atlanta tilt, it’d be like old times growing up.

#8 - Staal Brothers (NHL)
Eric, Marc, Jordan and Jared are part of the famous, Canadian hockey family. Three of the brothers are in the NHL right now, while the youngest, Jared, is playing for the farm team for the Phoenix Coyotes.

In a strange twist, it’s the first and third brothers that are amongst the NHL elite. Jordan (the 2nd youngest) won a Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins last year, and big brother Eric was the second overall pick in 2003, but has yet to win a championship.

#7 - The Flying Molinas
Jose Molina is the current catcher for the New York Yankees., who stands to win his second World Series. Yadier and Bengie, his younger brothers, are also catchers and have a World Series ring on each of their fingers. Never have parents been so happy to see their sons squatting like primates.

#6 - Brook and Robin Lopez
The two former Stanford players are both 7-foot-0, 260 pound centers in their second year of NBA action. Robin was drafted 15th overall to Phoenix, and his brother Brook was taken 10th overall by the New Jersey Nets. I always imagine it’s awkward when one of the twin brothers is obviously more retarded than the other. Robin is averaging 3.2 points and 2.0 rebounds for the Suns while Brook is putting up 17.3 points per game as an integral building block for the Nets.

It makes me wonder how awkward that must be for the parents (not the giving birth to two gigantic twins part), consoling one brother who is destined to make gabillions as a legitimate NBA star, while the other is a relegated bench warmer.

I mean, when one brother is significantly better than the other there’s a usual explanation. Peyton, for example, is stronger than his little brother. But what’s the excuse when you’re twins? I wonder if on family movie night they watched the movie “Twins” and the parents knew when the kids were just babies that one of their kids was destined to be Danny DeVito and gave each other an awkward stare.

#5 - Daniel and Henrik Sedin
The first and second overall picks in the 1997 draft both play for the Vancouver Canucks’ top line and last year they both notched 82-points. How creepy is that? Not only are they identical twins, who play on the same line, they bring out the best in each other. Daniel is the gifted assist man, while Henrik is the deadly scorer. Of course, that’s all because they’re cheating (they have telepathic abilities. I can’t prove this but I’m damn sure of it.) I can’t wait until 2013 when professional sports bans performance enhancing mutant abilities. Let’s see what you can do then, freaks!

#4 - Marc and Pau Gasol
Pau Gasol is a champion on the Lakers, while his little brother Marc was part of the canon fodder thrown in to that gruesome Lakers-Grizzlies trade that brought Pau to Kobe’s flank. Of course, Marc is five-years younger than his “big” brother, but he’s definitely the larger of the two. Marc was apparently so pissed off to be included as dead weight on his brother’s trade that he vowed to become a dominant center. In four games thus far, Marc has 19.0 points and 12.3 rebounds per game slightly edging his big brother. I would’ve really appreciated, however, if Marc had a cooler name like “Thwomp” or “Bam”. I take it his parents didn’t watch enough of the Adam West “Batman” series, which I was sure they did when they named their first son “Pau”.

#3 - Venus and Serena Williams
Ok, fine. So they aren’t brothers, but if you’ve seen this “women” on the court then you know that they’re closer to being men then most of the people reading this article. Between them, the Williams sisters have 76 titles, 20 major wins and Venus also has a gold medal in her pocket. Basically, they’re the most decorated pair of siblings in sports history…unless you count the Kardashian sisters who have Reggie Bush and Lamar Odom as arm candy.

#2 - Eli and Peyton Manning
It didn’t take too long for little brother Eli to capture the Super Bowl ring that eluded his bigger brother for his first eight-years. But Peyton is the stud of the family and his rather large shadow casts over Eli’s dwindling efforts to cement a unique history of his own.

Peyton is undeniably one of the greatest quarterbacks in league history, winning MVP in the regular season (three times), Pro Bowl and Super Bowl. This season, there will be no Manning Bowl for the talking heads to get frothed up about…unless they meet in the Super Bowl and Eli is once again trying to topple an undefeated team to win the championship.

#1 – The Klitschko Brothers
The shared record between the two heavyweight boxing brothers is 91-5, including 80 knock-outs. Vitali is the current WBC world heavyweight champion, while his younger brother, Wladimir, is the IBF, WBO, IBO and Ring Magazine heavyweight champion. To make matters even crazier is that both brothers are so good that they avoided concussions and managed to get their Ph.D’s in sports science.

The Klitschko brothers have vowed never to face each other in the ring for a professional fight. Can you blame them? I’ve tried to fight my big brother before…when I was 10 (I lost every single time). As an adult, there’s no way that my brother and I would fight with the intention to hurt each other. With the brothers entrenched in fame, glory and a truck load of money, they have nothing to prove by fighting each other…except to prove who’s better.

The only strap that eludes the brutish brothers it he WBA title, and both Wladimir and Vitali are known to be better than the idiot that’s holding on to that title. It’s a dream match in fighting that EVERYONE wants to see, yet it’s no match that anybody would want to recreate themselves if they were in the shoes of these heavyweight champs.

It’s one thing for Peyton to hurt his little brother’s feelings by winning the Manning Bowl. It’s completely different if they were actually trying to punch each other in the face. That being said, they’re in a dying sport and from a dying country. Frankly, the physical culmination of this sibling rivalry might be the only thing that saves boxing.


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