NHL: REJOICE! "The Hockey Theme" Stays Alive!!!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJune 9, 2008


Last Friday, CBC announced that they would no longer use the worldly famous “The Hockey Theme”.

Hockey fans everywhere, especially in Canada, was shocked and saddened. For decades, we heard this tune. It has symbolized hockey. It was definitely one of the most well known Hockey songs in history.

 But, thanks to a copyright dispute, CBC decided to let it go, and “do something different”.

Well hockey fans, today I’m happy to say that “The Hockey Theme” is not dead!

CTV Inc has announced today that it has signed a new deal to acquire the rights to the beloved song. This means we will hear it again on sister station, like T.S.N and R.D.S (French).

The song will be used starting this Fall for the hockey games airing on T.S.N and R.D.S, and will be used during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver on CTV.

As a hockey fan, I’ve preferred T.S.N as of late. I prefer their television personalities over C.B.C. With Pierre McGuire, Bob McKenzie, Gord Miller, and the witty James Duthie, T.S.N has become a favourite in homes in Canada.

Now with the song switching networks, what’s next for C.B.C? No doubt this will burn them knowing their rival network picked-up this song. But hey C.B.C, it’s your own damn fault!

My prediction, T.S.N will continue its raise as the dominant hockey source in Canada, and C.B.C will eventually lose the battle. Not even Stompin’ Tom can save them...