World Series Observations

Ian HunterCorrespondent INovember 4, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 01:  (L-R) Jorge Posada #20 and C.C. Sabathia #52 of the New York Yankees talk against the Philadelphia Phillies in Game Four of the 2009 MLB World Series at Citizens Bank Park on November 1, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

After having the pleasure of watching five relatively exciting World Series games, there are a few things that have stood out in my mind as noteworthy. The following is a list of some observations from this year's series thus far:

With his half-dozen mound visits per inning, Jorge Posada is the sole reason these World Series games take four hours to complete . It is my hope that Baseball Reference starts keeping track of this statistic next season, which will be called MVI (mound visits per inning).

Ryan Howard strikes out a lot . And when he does, he always mutters something under his breath in disbelief…even when it’s a swinging strike three.

Kate Hudson just might be the most famous baseball groupie since Alyssa Milano .

Among many other things, Joba Chamberlain needs to wash his hat .

It appears as though Chase Utley has starting using the John Stamos/Jesse Katsopolis line of hair products . Have mercy!

There is so much loose jersey hanging off CC Sabathia , that the spare materials could be used as a tarp to cover the entire country of Cambodia.

Cliff Lee is non-chalant about everything , so would he even get excited if the Phillies won the World Series?

There is no stopping Mariano Rivera. If this World Series goes to a Game Seven, Joe Girardi might be best served to let Mo pitch the entire game himself.

After seeing all the camera time that the Philly Phanatic has been getting , I realized the Yankees don’t even have an official team mascot. How sad is that?