Comparison: Gamecocks and The Saints

Sebastian PetersContributor INovember 4, 2009

SC Gamecocks and the NO Saints?

Possible ? i cant tell yet our Defense? yes, Because Spurriur has done a great job on recruiting for D. Offense most likely in 2 years when Garcia is a Seinor and knows whats going on and Starts playing how everyone knows he can. Then the Gamecocks will have 2 good Freshman Recivers as Juniors (Tori Gurley, who has became a nice target, and Alshon Jeffery which has Deffinatly became a very bright Star) Both of those kids are Extremly good for Freshman and there are a few things both of these young athletes will be amazing and fun to watch.

Perfection Seems a little much but SC has been Beginning the season with a boom in the past 3yrs. Some of the Higher teams are going to be loosing a good bit of their talent by then, like:

Mike Ingram (Roll Tide)

Timmy Tebone (Gators)

AJ Green (Bull Dawgs)

but the gamecocks will be missing Eric Norwood, we will still have some great talent but i doubt we have any talent like Eric Norwood.

The only thing i think that the gamecocks are asking for and pleading for is a OFFENSIVE LINE i hope Spurrier can put his recruting skills at best thats what we really need, Offensive line and Good Deffensive players to replase most SC's Greats.

Possible within the next 3yrs. ? most deffinatly. Can it happen ? YES. Will it happen ?
According to Spurrier, IT WILL.