Whats Cooking? First Pro Sports Team Challenge Golf Tournament

RikenContributor IJune 9, 2008

I went to see this thing on Saturday morning. I met Tomlinson and Strahan. Tomlinson was shy and reserved meanwhile Michael was happy, energetic and constantly talking with people. Nice guy!

Personally, I'm a Chargers fan and I went to see LT and Drew Brees live in person for the first time in my life. While LT had his bodyguards all over the fans saying, "stay away don't you understand?"

I don't think the main reason why LT was pretending not to hear the autographs pleas was because of eBay, he could care less. There must a been other reasons.

I lost respect for him when I saw a nice lady approach him with her pink charger hat and he basically ignored the lady. Just walked passed her.

A big thank you to Drew Brees. You're a class act along with Michael S. for having a good time with fans and acting like a human should—when they could have easily behaved like LT and his arrogant attitude.

Suggestions to improve this Challenge for next year? Let's see. We can do it in the following order:

10) This is the first time the Challenge has been played. Great idea.

9) If LT does get invited back. Please tell him to lose those bodyguards and the attitude. There was nothing but fun, caring Charger fans there (40 at most) and he dissed them all.

8) Invite Drew Brees back. The guy is down to earth and polite.

7) Choose the same golf site. It belongs to Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio. The place is beautiful.

6) Advertise it better. (I didn't know this thing took place at all until I read a newspaper article the day before.) Like a news page on the players Web site or Professional Team Web site. It's for charity for crying out loud.

5) Make autograph sessions available for a fee. Fans get their and the money goes to the players charity as it should.

4) Get some big time sponsors to offer prizes for those who attend.

3) If the tickets state: "Starting at 8:30 a.m." Please don't let the athletes play at 6 a.m. Many of us got there "late" at 8 a.m.

2) Have a relaxed question-and-answer podium at the casino afterwards. The players can then interact with fans, explain their local charities and why it is so important for them. Fans can have their questions answered.

Example: "How does it feel to win a Superbowl?" or "LT hows the knee?" Something like that.

1) This one takes the cake. Ready? Here we go: A minor complaint.

Do you know this golf course is located in the city of Indio, Calif., and not Palm Springs, Calif.? Do you?

Well, it is and for some reason every time there's something going on down here in the desert, marketing people have always had the "bright" idea to print ads, or create media with the wrong city. Palm Springs is 30 minutes away from Indio. It always has and will always be.