The All-Motorsport Power Rankings: Week 42

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The All-Motorsport Power Rankings: Week 42

Can someone tell me why I spent Sunday afternoon watching a hotel light up while some cars drove under it?

Well, at least that's what I though I was watching (either that or a replay from a computer game). They wouldn't actually make a pit lane exit that went through a tunnel, would they?

I also discovered (well, OK, confirmed) that the people who run NASCAR are monumentally stupid. Not only do they put another line in their rule book that bans bump drafting in the corner, but they then manage to go a whole race (which, by my eyes, included plenty of bump drafting in the corner) without penalizing anyone for it. Not even Juan Montoya.

Oh, and Toyota pulled out of F1, but that barely counts as news.

The Power Rankings occasionally feature on Midweek Motorsport on Radio Le Mans every Wednesday at 8pm UK time, 3pm Eastern and Noon Pacific (and to relive again and again on Itunes soon thereafter).

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