Chiefs Claim Chris Chambers From San Diego Chargers

Steve SwearenginContributor INovember 3, 2009

SAN DIEGO - 2009:  Chris Chambers of the San Diego Chargers poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in San Diego, California.  (Photo by NFL Photos)
NFL Photos/Getty Images

About three hours after I Chiefs-roll-the-dice-with-Chris-Chambers.aspx">wrote about how the Chiefs probably shouldn't sign Chambers, they do.

Apparently, there were other teams interested in Chambers, but it was Scott Pioli who pulled the trigger and claimed him.

The issue will be that if the Chiefs decide to sign him after "claiming" him will owe him $2.4 million for the rest of the season, which is only nine more games.

Chambers is 31 years old, and is capable of helping the Chiefs, specifically because of his speed and ability to stretch the field. 

There is very little talent and depth at the receiver position with the Chiefswhich is why Chambers could be a welcome addition. However, his production has declined over the past three seasons.  

Is he a better option than Bobby Wade, Bobby Engram, or Mark Bradley? Possibly. 

I really just don't think he is worth that amount of money. That is a big check to write to a guy who may only end up being a No. 3 receiver for the Chiefs. Of course, that hasn't stopped Pioli before in bringing in a suspect receiver (Ashley Lelie, Bobby Engram, Bobby Wade, Amani Toomer).

The bottom line is that he is an upgrade over what the Chiefs currently have, but is he worth it at that age and at this point of his career? I don't think so...I think his better days are behind him.