Penn State Football: Recruiting off to a Great Start

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IJune 9, 2008

I know many, including myself, have complained about Joe Paterno not giving us a succession plan, saying that it would affect the program's future.

Surprisingly, the start to the 2009 recruiting season has been great for Penn State.  I have reported several huge acquisitions the Nittany Lions have made, and now it seems the mainstream media is taking notice.

Joe and his staff, especially Larry Johnson, Sr., have done a great job in recruiting for need (defensive backfield, OL, and now WR) and getting these kids to believe in the Nittany Lions' future.

Penn State is not known for playing freshmen right away, but many of these kids are saying that part of their reasons for committing to PSU was the promise of being able to start right away due to a wave of graduation after the 2008 season.

Hopefully this success continues, and these "verbals" turn into officials when they sign their letters of intent next February.

Speaking of signing day, see what Joe Paterno thinks about moving signing day up to November.  Joe has always emphasized what is best for the player/student future.  He understands that allowing kids to go through their senior seasons and observe what happens at all the schools that are recruiting them, before making their decisions, is best for their futures.

At 81, Joe Paterno is sticking to his beliefs—put the kids' futures first and football second.


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