Batista Unloads on His Best Friend, Rey Mysterio, at Bragging Rights

lee raydeanCorrespondent INovember 3, 2009

At Bragging Rights, after a Fatal Four Way Match that featured Rey Mysterio, his friend Batista, Undertaker and CM Punk. They all wanted what Undertaker had and that was the heavyweight belt.

It was supposed to be every man for himself. No disqualifications, a pin or submission would win the match. These four superstars let their abilities speak for themselves.

This match wasn't supposed to be personal between at least two of the grapplers, Mysterio and Batista. They were best friends, like family, like brothers.

On that fateful night, everything changed. Batista did become an animal and turned rabid against his long time best friend, Mysterio.

A few weeks earlier in the locker room, Batista said that at Bragging Rights, he intended on getting the belt. Rey laughed, but Batista was serious.

Rey never should've been in that match because he knew, like everyone else did, that there was a chance that if Rey would've won, Batista would be livid.

Friend or no friend, when it comes to something like a championship belt, gold, money, you don't go up against your friend for it. People will change just like Batista did when Rey stopped him from pinning Punk.

After the match, Rey and Batista stood in the ring and Rey thought everything was cool, little did he know what was about to happen.

Batista put his hand on Rey's shoulder and said that he was tired of something and went on to say that he was tired of being screwed by his friend.

His whole demeanor towards Rey had changed. He was no longer his friend. Then Batista told Rey he was going to rip his head off. Much to everyone's surprise, that's exactly what he had tried to do.

Batista was a ticking time bomb and he exploded on Rey. Being beaten and kicked and slammed around wasn't what he had expected from his friend.

On Smackdown this past week, Rey called out Batista. That wasn't a good idea. He didn't receive an apology or any kind of reason for Batista's actions against him.

As much as Mysterio begged and pleaded to Batista to understand that he couldn't just stand there at Bragging Rights and do nothing. He wanted that belt just as much as the other contenders did.

It was hopeless, Batista didn't want to hear what Rey had to say. He told Rey to get out of the ring but he wouldn't leave.

So now, there is a rivalry brewing between these two former friends. It's hard to  believe that Batista would turn heel on Rey.

Another thing that's going through Batista's mind is that Mysterio has beaten him on a few occasions. That's only going to add fuel to the fire.

Batista was a ticking time bomb and he is going to explode on Rey again. Its inevitable. How much more of a pounding and punishment can he take?

I have a feeling that Batista is laying in wait for his former friend. Mysterio has to keep looking over his shoulder at all times.

This situation isn't going to go away. Rey has a lot of heart and please excuse the expression, has brass balls, but against Batista you need boulders.

Can Rey talk some sense into Batista or will this situation blow up even more? If it continues, it will set the WWE on its ear.