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Yes, the giants are only half of the way thru there 2009 season but it of what we can see the without some major changes they are not going to be able to contend in the playoffs if they even make it that far. And don't get me wrong i'm not saying that the giants only problem is that they are not being coached well on defense but i am saying thats if it was still coach spags the giants right now would be 7-1 not 5-3 they would not have given up 24 points to an arizona team that lost to the raiders and this week the panthers and NEVER would they have given up 40 points to philadelphia. In the philly game they allowed for the eagles to stomp out points by going big they allowed multiple 40 yard runs at least 5 50 yard passes and then left Desean Jackson wide open to catch the touchdown that really changed the game, and the giants secondary is not bad, they were fine for the first 5 weeks and all of the last three years so it NO it isn't the players it has been the play calling.

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