Upon Confirming Williams Deal, Barrichello Admits McLaren Talks

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Upon Confirming Williams Deal, Barrichello Admits McLaren Talks
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Upon confirming his new deal as the number one driver for Williams starting in 2010, Rubens Barrichello said in his blog that McLaren approached him for a deal during the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend. He stated that he would always consider such an offer but ultimately would prefer the opportunity he was given to drive for Williams. Additionally, he had already finalized his Williams contract at the point in which he was approached by McLaren.  

This piece of info also sheds some light on Kimi Raikkonen's current contractual situation. It could very well be that McLaren is making offers to other drivers in the event that their negotiations with Kimi fall through. But speculation that McLaren may be in talks with Jenson Button as well as the confirmation that Rubens was approached by the team hint towards the shaky situation the Raikkonen faces at this point in time. He is set to announce his 2010 plans within the next few days. 

Back on the subject of Barrichello; the Brazilian went on to add that it has been a life-long dream of his to drive for the Williams team and he is excited to lead their 2010 attempt towards regaining the prestige they once had. He has already visited the Williams facility for an orientation session as well as visited the Williams museum on site. He will have his work cut out for him next season as he tries to restore the team's winning potential while trying his best to keep Hulkenberg in driver seat number two. 



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