WWE Smackdown: The Reason It Sucks Right Now

Yair GalavizCorrespondent INovember 2, 2009

I don`t know if you have notice, but Smackdown has been bad for a few months now. Remeber the time when Jeff Hardy was batling for the title with CM Punk? How about when John Morrison was wrestling Jericho or CM Punk and having stellar matches?

Just a few months ago, Smackdown was really the "A" Brand for the WWE. But now, it seems stale and boring.

From what I can see, the process between being fantastic to well...now, is simple.

It started with the return of Kane to Smackdown. Nothing against Kane, but he had that amazing feud with the Great Khali (im being sarcastic of course).

The show was great but that feud was really the bad part of the show. Regardless of that, the main event picture was great, along with the midcard with Mysterio and Ziggler so you could simply ignore the Kane and Khali fiasco.

But then came The Undertaker. Yes, he is a legend. Yes, he can have good matches. However, I really dont think he should of taken the belt from Punk.

Aside from this, his act is stale. He no longer in my opinion should take the top spot. I think he can raise the mid carders to Main Event level but not push someone down to the mid card like he has with CM Punk.

Im talking for storyline purposes. But his return has pushed him down the Main Event ladder.

So who is he wrestling for the title against? The Big Show...Really? Give me a break. Yes he is now going to defend it against Show and Jericho, but why put a Raw wrestler fight for the Smackdown heavy weight title?

We all know were this is going. Batista vs Undertaker for the title on the next PPV. But what about Jericho? John Morrison? CM Punk? These 3 should be Main Eventing at this point. Have Undertaker feud with John Morrison. Even if they are faces, but have him put Morrison over. Make him a real Main Event Player.

Edge will come back soon and even thought he is a fantastic performer, Punk and Morrison will be pushed down that glass celling even further. Its time to let them shine like they were doing so before the "big dogs" came back on TV.