Iowa Hawkeye: Luck Or Skill?

Rick DoerscherContributor INovember 2, 2009

College football: where would we be if this sport had a playoff system?  Probably right where we are now.  Analyzing every team to see if they are worthy of being considered an upper echelon team; rating conferences based on opinion rather than fact.  Asking what if so and so wasn’t hurt or if they played at such and such field what would happen?   The reality of a playoff system would have its critics and fans alike, but make no mistake in fooling yourself that it would fix all the woes of a college football system.


The Iowa Hawkeye’s are 9 and 0.  You would think that rates some merit from the football analysts; however this is sadly not the case.  With road wins at Penn State, Wisconsin, and Michigan State; home games against Michigan, and Arizona you would think that merits some kudos from the great almighty press.  Again you would be mistaken.  Lowly, lucky Iowa is in bad conference and is too stupid to know they are undefeated.  Their big argument is they barely got by UNI and Arkansas Sate; therefore making it completely impossible for them to be one of the chosen few.  Besides when they go to Ohio State in a few weeks they will be crushed and no one will have to here from them again.


The best thing for the analysts is for Iowa to lose.  They won’t have to speak of them again until bowl season (where I’m sure they will be crushed).  Why such hatred for a team that has done nothing but bring excitement to college football?  Every game they play is exhilarating and heart stopping through out.  The thing is people have a short memory.  I read on blogs how Iowa would be killed by any SEC team.  Really?  Iowa is on a 13 game win streak which includes a beat down of a Steve Spurrier South Carolina team.  I might add it was his worst bowl defeat ever.  Of course there is the PAC 10, in which their best teams would destroy us.  Really?  Isn’t Arizona in the top 25, number 18 in the BCS standings? 


Look at the other undefeated teams and tell me why they are so great.  Florida has an easier schedule and has played some squeakers, Alabama same thing.  Texas is in a conference that many consider the second best in the nation, only didn’t that conference suffer humiliating defeats in the bowls last season. 


The plain fact of the matter is when a team repeatedly puts itself in positions to win that is not luck.  “You play to win the game!”  Think about this; name another team at the end of the season that will be more prepared in a close dog fight.  I think you can come up with that on your own.  If you want to see Iowa embarrassed, let them play the big boy’s at the end of the year.  I’m sure someone will be completely embarrassed.  If we had a playoff system right now Iowa would still not have much of a chance of getting in.