Simply UnBEARable: Bears 30, Browns 6

Kirk LammersContributor INovember 1, 2009

Browns fans watched another miserable game during this Sunday's loss to the Chicago Bears. The Bears used turnovers and field goals to build a 16 to 0 first half lead and never looked back. Cleveland's defense showed that they have not given up on this team; however, you must score to win, and the Browns are flat out bad at doing that. The end of the game brought another change at quarterback as Derek Anderson continued to struggle, and Brady Quinn was reinserted at QB position for the last series of the game.

3 and Out - Five possessions into this game, I wondered if there would be any 1st downs come the end of the first quarter. The first 5 drives between the Browns and the Bears all resulted in 3 plays and a punt. The Bears finally broke that streak when they took their 3rd possession down to the Browns 19 yard line and successfully kicked a 37-yard field goal. The Browns were not satisfied with ending their 3 and out streak as their first six drives ended in 4 plays or less. The first 3 drives were 3 and out; the next drive was a 1st play interception from Derek Anderson, and the 5th drive was a 4th play fumble between Anderson and Lewis. The fumbled possession was then followed by another 3 and out.

Rob Ryan Packed the Defense a Sacked Lunch - Rob Ryan had the defense ready to go today, and if Cleveland had anything close to a capable offense, they would have been in this game. Ryan was scheming all game; Cleveland used blitz packages vigorously and had Jay Cutler and the Bears offense scratching their heads for most of the first 3 quarters. The Browns' D was bringing constant pressure on Jay Cutler and were forcing him to make quick decisions. Cleveland finished with 4 sacks, 7 QB hits, 4 tackles for a loss, and 4 pass deflections. If the defense can use this game as a stepping stone, and actually show some progress after the bye week, that could be the first progression I see out of this new regime. Do not let the 30 to 6 score fool you. The defense played well and the score could have been much worse if the Browns D did not hold the Bears to 3 early feild goals. Plus the defense was on the 15 more minutes than the Bears D; that is an entire quarter longer.