What a Great Push For Position!

Jason QuickContributor INovember 1, 2009

We are by far the worst team to watch. No TD's, but thank God for Jani-

Does anyone see that we were in position to score (score TD's)? And also be in a fingers reach of taking the lead. This was sad to watch.

What the Defense struggles with is holding up and also onto a fence with to many holes in it- these past years our offense has been the worst thing that has been/seen displayed since I've coached my sons 9-12 yr olds pee-wee league .

I am tired of Tubby(J-russ) being lame and everyone debating whether or not we should replace him. What is the debate? He needs to sit and we need to accept that we are not capable of competing in the NFL.

Until our offense half a** supports the defense in the same manor...

Until the right people are in place

we will always be in the wrong place!

And that does not refer to Al (Lord forgive I ever should) disrespect the man that gave

us the end of all things to come... I used to look out and enjoy him. Now I see he is fraud and Ill....I feel like I allowed my children to play with the boogeyman.

God Bless those who have sacrificed and have worked their tail off to win (Howad, Nhamdi, Johnson, ETC.)

No wonder Higgins layed off in return- No wonder Mcfadden sits out and Lets his injury heal well? (one might need to re-sign w/another team).

I am tired of this loyalty speech, staying true, keeling it for life... F*** that junk, we are tired and played out like [Kraft] Mac and cheese.