Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers II, Week Eight

David ArreolaSenior Analyst INovember 2, 2009

Welcome friends to the ninth edition of Brett Favre vs Aaron Rodgers II. In this week's edition I will cover the performances of the two big arm quarterbacks in the unofficial "Favre Bowl II". The game in Minnesota was a mere prelude to the most anticipated regular season game in NFL history.

But first let's go over a quick recap if last week's match. Aaron Rodgers cut into Favre's seemingly insurmountable lead with a huge performance against Cleveland. As it stands, Favre was up 5-2.

Shall we?

Minnesota Vikings 38
Green Bay Packers 26


Brett Favre: 17-28, 244 yards, four TDs

The Good: I can't imagine the butterflies Brett Favre had as he was being introduced at Lambeau Field. Whatever he felt, it certainly didn't show. Brett Favre not only played well on his homecoming, but he completely dominated.

Brett Favre started the game as accurately as possible. Leading two touchdown drives against the Packers defense. The offensive line gave Favre enough time to throw the ball all day as he was not sacked all night.

Favre was clutch when he needed to be. His 51-yard touchdown pass to Percy Harvin appeared to have clinched the win, if not for the horrid Vikings defense. It took Favre's fourth touchdown pass to really clinch the game.

Favre's four touchdown night tied him with Dan Marino for the most four touchdown games in NFL history.

The Bad: When he first stepped onto the field, he was booed harder than I've ever heard a single player get booed at any stadium anywhere. That's about all the bad that happened for Favre.


Aaron Rodgers: 26-42, 287 yards, three TDs

The Good: Aaron Rodgers showed us that he can light up good defenses as well as bad ones. His second half was one of the most explosive of his career. Rodgers kept plays alive despite a lack of protection.

Rodgers got a lot of help from his receivers, as they earned lots of YAC. His three second half touchdowns nearly brought the Packers back after being down 24-3 following Favre's first second half drive.

Rodgers was an accurate passer, and played just about as well as he could. He didn't get much help from his defense, or his offensive line.

The Bad: The plague of Aaron Rodgers' young career has been his inability to get rid of the ball in a timely manner. In this game, it was no different. In the first half, Rodgers' offense simply could not produce.

In the second half Rodgers got his act together and played flawless. However, that terrible first half may have kept the Packers from stealing this one from Minnesota.


The Pick

This was one of the most exciting games I have seen in a long time. Favre and Rodgers were in a shoot-out when the fourth quarter was starting. I was back and fourth with my decision all game.

Before Favre's fourth touchdown pass, the pick was Rodgers. But, after that touchdown pass, it was 50-50.

Whenever it is 50-50 like this, it goes to the victor. And the winner of Favre bowl II, and the pick for this week, is Brett Favre.

Brett Favre takes another commanding lead on Rodgers as he leads the series 6-2.


A look ahead...

Aaron Rodgers gets to eat into Favre's lead next week as the Vikings have a bye week. The Packers get another easy test as they face the win-less Tampa Bay Buccaneers.