Can Anyone Fix All The Wholes On Defense

Nicholas LianosCorrespondent INovember 1, 2009

In a battle for first place in the NFC EAST the Giants defense again didnt show up.  Philly just simply outcoached and dominated the Giants in the first half in a 40-17 loss.

What we have found out is that the Giants defensive line isnt as good as we thought they were. The group as a hole hasnt been playing up to par. Jason Tuck isnt the same player since Dallas. Osi Umenyiora has shown flashes of his old self but not consistantly in a game. 

The linebackers have been exposed as slow. Pierce, Blackburn, Clark cant cover anyone. Tight ends and running backs have had field days against them. 

The secondary is just plain horrible. Losing Kenny Phillips has caused the secondary to turn into swiss cheese.  The unit is exposed even more due to lack of pass rush.  Even with Corey Webster fine start to the season teams have just torched the us with blown coverages and missed tackles.

CC Brown has got to be replaced.  He doesnt have a clue on pass coverage. It is time to give Aaron Rouse a shot. He cant be any worse. 

Its also time to add Clint Sintim some time at linebacker until Boley comes back from injury.  His speed should help out in coverage and limit the space between the safties and linebackers.

Maybe some new blood in the defense will add a spark to the defense that needs one.