Seattle Mariners: It Is Time For Jeff Clement Once Again.

Anthony ForsytheContributor IJune 8, 2008

Welcome All,

I was looking at the Minor League baseball scores today and took a gander around the league and one person stood out to me even more: Jeff Clement.

The man is currently hitting .370 with AAA Tacoma with a home run in each of the past two nights. With the current stats coming out of the Mariners team, Johjima and Vidro are not cutting it to keep playing in the majors. 

They are both in the .220 range and both deserve to be optioned down to AAA Tacoma.  I am going to see Tacoma play on the 17th here in Las Vegas, and I can't wait to see this stud play.

I hope they do give him a second chance in the majors soon because, when he was called up in September of last year, he could flat-out hit!  So, Seattle needs to get their stuff together and bring this kid up for another chance.

Thank You,