The Raptors Aren't Very Good With Magic, Fall To 1-2 on Season

Brad NortonCorrespondent INovember 1, 2009

Two days after the Raptors get grizzled out, we find out that they aren't so good at Magic either, falling to Orlando 125-116.

Chris Bosh and Bargnani as well as Turkoglu continue to look solid.

But apparently they can't get it done on their own as the Raptors drop their second straight. This gives them 30 more games to not win on the season in order for my prediction to come true.

I believe that teams sometimes have to struggle and it's better in the beginning of the season where it's not as important as, say, just after the All-Star break. Although, if you expect to do good in the season, you can't be on a losing streak when you are five or six games in.

The earlier they get out of this slump, the better and easier it's going to be to start winning some games and get the good vibes going. November is filled with good opponents for the Raptors to show they are for real.

Should they capitalize on some games, they will be a team to keep your eye out for throughout the season. Well ,that's about it for me, see ya.