Who Said Twenty20???

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Who Said Twenty20???
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I'm back to opinion writing, and I'm 'opinioning' about my favourite thing. Anti - T20 (hehehe)! Hey, that rhymes!

Cricket has been an amazingly intriguing and complex game. Not on the field but off it. Mostly the spectators, e.g. you and me.

In the William Shakespeare classic, Julius Caesar , when Brutus, who happened to have been Caesar's best friend and even the one who killed him, explains to the crowd of people why he killed Caesar and why he was useless, the crowd began throwing stones at Caesar's body.

Just a few minutes later, when Antony, one of Caesar's best friends but not one who kills him, explains to the crowd why Caesar owned, they were easily swayed. Result, a bloody war, a bloody riot, and two suicides. Classic.

The last three decades has seen a similar kind of story in cricket. Apart from the bloodshed and chaos of course. In the '70s, one man, named Kerry Packer, played the role of Brutus. No, he didn't kill anyone! He influenced the crowd and covered them with his umbrella called pyjama cricket, a.k.a one day cricket, a.k.a lets call it S-60.

The people are enthralled! Why didn't I think of it, rang on in everybody's mind. This was so exciting! From the, now, boring six-day affair, we're seeing matches in just eight to 10 hours! Amazing!!

But then another idea came up. F-50!! Are you crazy? It's never gonna work. 

In the Captain Underpants language, to make a long story short, it did.

So things are going fine and dandy, World Cups are going real cool and crowds are enjoying it. Then came the ultimate bomb. The strength of it was only hinted at but in the end, it was proved correct. Worldwide.

The T-20 bomb was unleashed and boy did it kill...fifty over cricket and it completely murdered...soaps and reality shows.

IPL, ICL, EPL, this PL, that PL completely started dominating the World. Just like its predecessors, F-50 was fading away..

Enter the Champions Trophy, but even that didn't have such a great impact so early exit and it's out for a duck.

Then the dreaded and boring (look into your heart, you'll say the same) Champs League came in. A huge success revenue wise, but the players, exhausted and injured. I, for one was tired of watching T20 and I felt as sick as Brett Lee (by the way, haha 7-0!).

Things looked bleak. Exodus of fans all around me. I feel I too am gonna be sucked into the vortex known as 'STUDIOUSNESS'. The thought still makes me squirm. 

Then two teams of field agents were selected to get the 'shorter-longer' version of the game back on track. Team India and Team Australia.

The rest as I had said previously, is history. May I repeat it again? Even if you say yes I'm just gonna give the shorter version. My fingers burn typing the same thing again and again. My fingers burn typing the same thing again and again. AHH!!

Just to give you a hint, or a few, Dhoni, Hussey, 354, Gambhir, death overs, Dhoni, Siddle, Ishant, Dhoni, Ponting opening, Ponting, Dhoni, Lee injured (why?? hehe), and Dhoni. That race your memory back, dawg?

T20 anyone?

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