Chicago Bears Have the Cedric Benson Blues

Patrick KingContributor IJune 8, 2008

The heartbreak the Chicago Bears' fans experienced last year with the high expectations shouldn't be a problem this year.

The Bears have more concerns with their offense than any other team in the NFC. They have one of the oldest and most depleted offensive lines, they lost their No. 1 WR to very strong team in their own division, and on top of all this, they probably have the two worst players competing over the QB position.

Now they are having even bigger issues in the backfield, a backfield that wasn't even that good at the start of the offseason.

Cedric Benson, our No. 1 running back was more than a disappointment last year, and he isn't helping his cause with the fans. The former first-round pick has been very busy with John Q Law this year.

He's been caught speeding in a construction area, which isn't that bad, but he is cited less than a month later on a boat in Texas for being too intoxicated to operate a boat and resisting arrest. Benson then spent the following weeks appealing to the Bears to listen to his story, telling them that he was harassed, having family and friends to prove his story. 

Now, just last week, he was arrested for a D.U.I.; but Bears fans, like it or not, we can't afford to loose Benson.