End Of The World: Kyle Busch Apoligizes!

Tony HulfeldCorrespondent IJune 8, 2008

Wow, this is an absolute first.

Mark it down on your calendars, history books, and your minds. Lap 111, for the first time ever known, Kyle Busch, the so called greatest driver in NASCAR actually apologized.

I know that everyone in the racing world is absolutely shocked. This is a momentous occasion, Mr. Do No Wrong "Rowdy Busch" actually took responsibility for an on track incident that put him behind the wall.

Maybe he finally realized that he isn't perfect, or he finally realized that it is actually his fault. Or maybe, that he realized that he can't handle running 3 races in 3 different places on the same weekend. I guess it became too much for him to handle.

Whatever the reason, could this be the beginning of a new more mature Kyle?

No, this apology, although nice, will probably be his one and only apology for the year. Next week it will go back to being "all the inexperienced idiots" faults and they will be the reason for all of Kyle Busch's problems, because we all know its not him. He can do no wrong. 

In related news: At last report, Hell is bracing for snowfall and a farmer in Kansas reported a pig with wings.