Raiders: What Are You Doing Tonight?

kevin lurkerContributor IOctober 31, 2009

 I have a daughter who lives in San Diego. Earlier this week she called and told me that members of the Chargers were planning to party the night before the game. Yesterday, she confirmed that 6 tables in a "club" not a restaurant, were reserved for unknown team members by a Shawn Merrimen.

 The Raiders once again it appears are being taken lightly by their opponet.

 Is this a sign of disrespect? or a sign of confidence on their part?

 Is it a blow out pregame celebration? or a bonding session over drinks?

 Raiders need to come w/ heart and pride this week...and a chip on their shoulder.

 With a game plan to exorcise that 1st game loss in week #1. Remember how you felt when that referee spun the rule book on you?

 In the offseason Tom Cable had said he knew how to beat the Chargers. He damn near pulled it off the first time. This Raider team should be determined to stop this losing streak tomorrow at any cost. Your season is hanging in front of you right before a bye week. You came close the first time so you KNOW you can play w/ this team. Bring your attitude and your rage and leave it on the field tomorrow for yourselves, your fans, and your future.

 Tonight some of your opponets are celebrating and mocking you